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ShuttlePlex XCDVD Playability Analyzer[Specifications, Quotations, Availability]                        

Analyze CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W written or blank media

Validate Written Media Quality on just about any type of optical disc. The ShuttlePlex CDVD Analyzer can be configured to automatically test, save, report, grade, print and export your optical disc data. The unit is designed to provide an efficient, effective, low cost analysis for just about any optical disc production process. The User interface provides a feature set and graphical environment (See Below) similar to those used by Professional Engineers in a Disc Manufacturing Environment. The Unit was designed with Duplicators, Web Disc, Game Designers, Media Distributors and Archivalists in mind. The ShuttlePlex can be purchased in Several configurations; as a stand alone unit, external laptop drive or integrated into a PC based duplication system.


Software Runs on Win XP with optional External Firewire controls

CD, CD-R, CD-RW Feature Set (Version 1.6- 06/14/2006)

TEST SPEED –4X CLV, 8X CLV, 10-24X CAV, 14-32X CAV, 17-40X CAV
                      BLER, E-11, E-21, E-31, BERL, E12, E22, Uncorrectables, Unrecoverables
                      Graphical Presentations with Adjustable Axis – Mapping can be done with A-time, C-time or Sectors
                      Programmable Error Radius Routine can be Super-imposed on Graphs
                      Single Stepping MODE and Programmable Retry MODE – Customized Setup
                      RAW and DECODED TOC Field Map
                      Mode/Form and SUBCODE Analysis
                      Multi-Session Analysis Capability
                      UPC and ISRC Readouts
                      Jitter Analysis Response
                      Beta Analysis Response
                      Adjustable Disc Grade Functions
                      Auto-Run, Auto-File Export, Auto-Record File Reports, Auto-print, ect...
                      Report Manager and Print Preview Functions
                      Transfer Rate Mapping
                      BLANK Media ID and DECODED ATIP Field Map ( Blank or Written Media)


DVD, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W Feature Set (Version 1.6- 06/14/2006)

TEST SPEED – 2X CLV, 2-5X CAV, 3-8X CAV, 5-12X CAV, 6-16X CAV (pressed Media)
                       PI Error
                       PI Sum 8 Error
                       PI Failures
                       PI Byte Failures
                       PO Failures
                       Highly Accurate Transfer Rate Mapping
                       Graphical Presentations in LBA, Sector or Radius
                       TOC and Media Manufacturer ID
                       DECODED ADIP Field Map for Blank or Written Media (DVD+R/W, DVD-R/W)

                           Integrated, context sensitive HELP FILE
                           Internet Updates and Support Functions
                           Programmable AUTO TESTING Setup Routines 
                           AUTO File Save Routines with adjustable Paths
                           AUTO Export to DAP File Format
                           AUTO Export to RAW (CSV or TXT)
                           AUTO Print Function
                           AUTO EJECT
                           DATA Logging Feature (Record file)
                           Programmable AUTO Naming Routines
                           Data Screen Clip/Capture for External Report building
                           Programmable Disc Grade Routines
                           Running and Final Grade Response
                           Grade Setup Screen with 6 Disc Formats
                           Digital Error or Raw Screen Printout Format
                           Multiple Drive and Firewire Support Options
                           Print manager with Report Preview.
                           Report Builder function with Live previews
                           Multi-position Data To Data Jitter Histogram Report
                           Multi-position Intra Symbol Interference Plots
                           Screen Clipping Funnction for Email and External Report Building
                           Software is integrated in the unit!

                                            FIREWIRE COMMAND SET (TCP/IP)

Firewire support Option allows the modified drive to be integrated into a duplication system.  A simple command set is supported so that the analyzer can be run by an external application.The test run and final results are written to a path chosen by the app or the user..Drive status can also be polled and grade results can be used to determine the status of the disc being tested or the image being processed.

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